GSA ASB Spirit Week

GSA/ASB Spirit Week
Posted on 04/03/2022

Monday April 4: Let Your Flag Fly!

  • Students will be able to design their own flag based on their individual identity. Want to show support for LGBTQIA+ community? Create your own version of a pride flag. Want to show the world you are passionate about lacrosse? Create a lacrosse flag. The goal is to show inclusion for you as you see yourself. Look for the tables set up at lunch to participate.

Tuesday April 5: GSA Wants to Include You

  • Twin Day Theme
  • Ever wondered how the LGBTQIA+ community is included in campus? Come to the GSA meeting on Tuesday at lunch for an informational presentation about our club.

Wednesday April 6: Wacky Wednesday

  • No matter what wacky outfit you come up with you will be included, don’t forget to include your flag from Monday!

Thursday April 7: Muirlands Day of Silence

  • Blast from the Past Day: Dress in your best retro outfit 60’s? 70’s? 80’s? You choose, all will be included.
  • The national Day of Silence is actually Friday, but we wanted Friday to be a celebration. The Day of Silence is a demonstration of how LGBTQIA+ students often feel like they do not have a voice. There is a great deal of information here. The short of it is participants are pledging to not speak at school for the day. We ask for some flexibility with presentations. They will have a card explaining their lack of communication.

Friday April 8: Break the Silence! Inclusion for Everyone!

  • Rainbow Day: pick an outfit that includes all the colors
  • Join us to be included in activities and music on the fields at lunch to earn tickets
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