Criteria for End of Year Activities

End of Year Grade-Level Activities and 8th Grade Promotion Criteria

All students will have an opportunity to participate in school-related and End of Year Grade-level Activities, including field trips and ASB events. In addition, 8th graders who meet the criteria below will be invited to participate in a special Promotion Ceremony at the end of the school year. For a student to be promoted to the 9th grade, they must meet the academic standards of the San Diego Unified School District.

In order to participate in End of Year Grade-Level Activities and the Muirlands Middle School Promotion Ceremony for 8th Graders, students must meet the following criteria on the Semester 2 Progress Report (P3) on March 29, 2024 and maintain it for the duration of the school year.

  • Have earned a 2.0 GPA in both Academics and Citizenship
  • No more than ten (10) tardies total for the entire school year (includes 1st period tardies)
  • No more than one (1) truancy Z confirmed by parent (including period truancies) the entire school year
  • Students with more than 10% absences the whole school year (roughly 18 days) will not meet criteria (certain health exceptions may be made and does not include short-term Independent Learning Contracts)
  • No more than one (1) Suspension the entire current school year at Muirlands
  • No Suspensions within (3) three weeks of the last day of school
  • No Zero Tolerance (ZT) Suspensions at Muirlands throughout the entire school year
  • No outstanding school fines for textbooks, library books, materials, or equipment

There will be an opportunity for students not meeting the criteria above for Academics, Citizenship, Attendance, and Tardies to remediate these marks via an End-of-Year Activities Contract. Students will be informed of the process for obtaining and completing an End-of-Year Activities Contract.

APPEALING: If criteria for participation are not met, but you (student) feel that you are deserving of participation, you may submit an Appeal Letter in addition to completing an End-of-Year Activities Contract. The Appeal Letter should be handwritten or typed, addressed to the Appeal Committee, and include details as to why you feel an exception to the regular school policies should be made for you. Administration will make final determination of eligibility. Student and guardian will be notified of the disposition of the appeal.

Eighth grade students on an End-of-Year Activities Contract who qualify after Semester 2 Progress Report (P3), will only gain eligibility for the Promotion Ceremony. Students will be instructed and reminded of the criteria above throughout the school year. The Muirlands Appeal Committee will have final authority for determining a student's eligibility for participation in End of Year Grade-Level Activities and the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. The student and guardian will be notified of the disposition of the appeal.

Parents/Guardians share responsibility for monitoring their child's academic and citizenship marks, and attendance including tardies, via PowerSchool

Any changes to the End of Year Grade-level Activities and 8th Grade Promotion Criteria will be communicated well in advance. Please visit the Muirlands website for the latest information.

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