Physical Education


  • P.E. shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts can be ordered ONLINE and need to be picked up in the office. (Please bring your receipt.)
  • Students/Parents should communicate with their P.E. coach for any specific uniform issues.


Students will need the following items for participation in P.E.

  • P.E. t-shirt
  • P.E. shorts
  • Athletic shoes (lace-ups required) and white socks
  • Blue or gray Muirlands or plain blue or gray sweatshirt and sweat pants are highly recommended for cold weather

Writing Student's Name on Uniforms

Please read this important document before writing your student's name on their PE uniform.

Students are required to launder their uniforms weekly.


  • Students are issued a locker (with lock included) in the P.E. locker room for their P.E. items. Suggested items include extra shoes and socks, hair ties (for long hair), sunscreen and deodorant (no glass containers).
  • Students are not permitted to share lockers, combinations, P.E. clothes, or other personal items.
  • Cell phones are never permitted in the locker room. They will be confiscated and turned in to the front office. Aerosol cans, food, sports drinks, and/or gum are also not permitted.


Students who are ill but able to attend school may be excused from participation with a note from their parent or doctor. However, this does not excuse them from suiting up for class in their P.E. uniform and participating in appropriate activities. Parents may write a note for up to three days outlining their child's limitations. A doctor's note defining limitations is required for an injury/illness lasting more than three days. We encourage parents to use the forms provided by the physical education department located on your teacher's webpage or in the following links for everyone's convenience and to create a clear understanding of the student's needs.

1-3 Day Parent Medical Excuse Form
3+ Day Medical Professional Excuse Form

  • Students excused from activity may be required to complete an alternative assignment.
  • Medications need to be taken to the nurse's office along with a completed medical form. See office for forms.

Notes are to be given directly to the P.E. Teacher.

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