Red Ribbon Week 2022

Red Ribbon Week
Posted on 10/18/2022
Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days
October 24-28, 2022

Monday: Wear RED in Support of Red Ribbon Week!

Tuesday: Stuffed animal day - Hugs not Drugs! (small enough to share your desk)

Wednesday: Jersey Day - Wear your favorite jersey as we team up against drugs!

Thursday: Hawaiian Day - Wear your favorite Aloha gear and lei off drugs!

Friday: Crazy Hair & Sock Day - From head to toe I am DRUG FREE!

Pease view this slide presentation with a short inspirational video every day:

Monday: The Science of the Natural High with Matt Bellace, PhD

  • Question #1: How is exercise beneficial physically and emotionally?
  • Question #2: What are endorphins and why are they important?
  • Question #3: Matt suggests that drugs can mimic anandamide. Why does that matter?
  • Question #4: What are the dangers of pursuing a high with a drug?
  • Question #5: What is a natural high?
  • Question #6: Why does Matt suggest a Natural High is a good thing?
  • Question #7: What natural high do you enjoy or would you like to try?

Tuesday: Mike Conley, NBA basketball player

  • Question #1: Who do you want to become?
  • Question #2: Have you ever struggled to say, “no”? What might you try differently the next time you find yourself in a situation where you might have trouble resisting peer pressure?
  • Question #3: When Mike says, “Hold yourself to a different… a higher level” what does he mean? How do you hold yourself to a higher level? How would you like to?
  • Question #4: Mike mentions that he would make excuses when someone would ask him to do drugs. What are some responses you could use if someone were to offer drugs to you?
  • Question #5: Mike says that it’s more important to make a name for yourself than to be popular. What do you think he means by making a name for yourself? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Wednesday: Bethany Hamilton - soul surfer and shark attack survivor

  • Question #1: Bethany says that staying drug-free was not a hard choice for her. Is it a hard choice for you? Why or why not?
  • Question #2: Bethany lost her arm to a shark attack, which changed her life forever. She discusses how everyone has problems, including school, family and other issues. What are some of your small challenges? How about some of your larger ones?
  • Question #3: Describe a small or large challenge you faced recently and how you dealt with it. What are you proud of in your response and what would you change?
  • Question #4: Having a natural high helped Bethany stay focused during a difficult time. Do you have a Natural High, a relationship, or a responsibility that helps you to remain focused? What is it, and describe a time it helped you to keep your focus?
  • Question #5: Have you ever been disappointed or dissatisfied by your natural high? How can you use Bethany’s story to encourage you to overcome challenges when your natural high seems to disappoint you?

Thursday: Tony Hawk, greatest skateboarder of all time

  • Question #1: Tony was exposed to drugs at a young age and saw that they could affect performance. He didn’t want to compromise his own skating performance. Is there something you feel you wouldn’t want to compromise?
  • Question #2: Tony suggests that it’s hard to say “no” to drugs and alcohol. How do you say, “no”?
  • Question #3: Tony describes the feeling of creating his own tricks as a buzz. In what ways are you creative? When do you feel your own “buzz?”
  • Question #4: Tony says that a natural high to him is being present and enjoying what you do on a physical and mental level. When have you experienced that feeling of being present and enjoying something on a physical and mental level?

Friday: Queen Harrison, USA Olympian

  • Question #1: How can having goals help you to push through day-to-day problems?
  • Question #2: What is a goal you have that you would like to complete by the time you are 18? If you don’t have one, can you think of one?
  • Question #3: What have you done to work toward your goal? What can you do to work toward it, to help you stay focused?
  • Question #4: Writing down your goals helps you to use them as a guidepost for your actions. Where can you keep your goals written where you can remind yourself of them?
  • Question #5: Queen talks about masking pain with drugs. What do you think this means? Do you ever mask your pain? How? What are other ways to handle pain?
  • Question #6: Queen suggests that success is “a direct reflection of who you surround yourself with.” Who do you surround yourself with? Do they reflect your success? How?
  • Question #7: She adds, “Put your blinders on to those negative people and don’t allow them into your circle.” Do you have to use blinders? Why or why not?
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