Honesty Policy

Academic and Personal Honesty Policy

Muirlands Middle School expects students and staff to exercise the highest moral and ethical standards. Our campus is a place of safety and respect for all, and we operate with a clear understanding of the need for honesty and integrity in the academic process. The following policy has been developed by a committee of students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Acts of academic and personal dishonesty, which will not be tolerated at Muirlands Middle School, include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cheating on Tests: Any intentional giving or use of external assistance relating to an examination, test, or quiz, without express permission of the teacher including misuse of any form of technology.
  2. Fabrication: Any intentional falsification or invention of data, citation, or other authority in an academic exercise.
  3. Unauthorized Collaboration: Intentional collaboration on an assignment between a student and another person if such collaboration is not permitted.
  4. Plagiarism: Any intentional use of another's ideas, words, or work as one's own. Plagiarism includes the misuse of published material and the work of others.
  5. Theft or Alteration of Materials: Any intentional and unauthorized taking, concealment, or alteration of student, teacher, or school/library materials.
  6. Test Avoidance: A pattern of absences on test days for the apparent advantage of performing better on the makeup test.
  7. Pressure for Unsubstantiated Grade Changes: Any student or parent/guardian request for a raised grade, which is not based on mistakes in correction, recording, averaging, or other clerical error.

Acts of academic and personal dishonesty will be dealt with in the following manner at Muirlands Middle School:

  1. Cheating: A student who is guilty of dishonesty on an examination, test, quiz, or assignment will receive a permanent zero on that examination, test, quiz or assignement. Citizenship grades may also be lowered.
  2. Fabrication: If a student is found guilty of falsification of data or authority or invention, the student will receive a zero on that assignment. That zero grade may not be dropped and will be averaged into the student's semester grade. The semester citizenship grade will be lowered by one letter.
  3. Unauthorized Collaboration: If students are guilty of collaboration that has not been authorized by the teacher, all of the students involved may be subject to lowered academic and citizenship grades, and, in serious cases, removal from class.
  4. Plagiarism: Any student guilty of plagiarism will receive a zero grade on the assignment. That zero will be averaged with the other course assignment grades and may not be dropped. The semester citizenship grade will be lowered by one letter.
  5. Theft or Alteration of Materials: A student guilty of stealing or altering test materials, calculators, books, computer tapes/disks, or other course materials belonging to the teacher, the library, office, or another student will be subject to an "F'" and/or "U" for the semester, and possible suspension from school.
  6. Test Avoidance: If a student develops a pattern of test avoidance, the parents will be notified. At the teacher’s discretion, any further unexcused absences may result in forfeit of makeup opportunities.
  7. Pressure for Unsubstantiated Grade Change: Student and parent/guardian requests for a raise in a course grade will not be considered unless such request is based on mechanical or clerical error.
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